Velva has been living in Visalia for just over 10 years, having finally settled here after a lifetime of moving around. She is a Senior Librarian for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, which means that she tells great stories at cocktail parties. An avid social dancer, Velva is proficient in West Coast Swing and Salsa, as well as several other dances. She participates in both Care Ministry programs and Worship Arts at the Visalia United Methodist Church, where she has been a member since shortly after she moved here. She has been seen on stage with both the Visalia Players and the Lindsay Community Theater, and she was recently elected to the board of the Visalia Players. Other hobbies include reading, collecting comic books and baking.  She has tried to be a supportive ally to her LGBTQ+ friends and family for over 30 years, however this is her first time working on something with the Source. Fun fact: Velva is terrified of heights, however she has decided this year that it is important to do this one thing that terrifies her in order to help the Source continue to make the world less terrifying for LGBTQ+ people who are seeking support and community.