My name is Rossie Ballard, from F.I.T. Tribe Academy. I was outreached by one of our members to join this great organization to  raise money for many groups in our community. When talking with The Source they told me about their mission and programs they had to offer. One program touched close to home. The Source said they had a eating disorder program and being a survivor and going thru my ups and down in life i understand the difficulties finding a center for recovery in our area. It’s great that The Source is offering life changing program for people in need in our community.

I would like to thank you for helping me reach my fundraising goal of $5,000.00! 


FIT Tribe is more than a health club and more than a gym; it’s a movement filled with like-minded REAL people sharing common goals of self-improvement. We are driven by a shared passion for wellness, support, encouragement, and inspiration. And we are connected by our hearts. Together, we bring out our best. Together, we are Fearless as we Improve and Transform our lives. Together, we are FIT Tribe.