My name is Noah and I'd like to welcome you. Now, I hope you're sitting, and if you're not you might consider it as I'd like to share a short tale with you...

One day, many years ago, I climbed to the top of a mountain to speak with the wise woman who sat at the summit. When I reached her she was in serenity enjoying the spectacular view. After countless moments passed, she smiled. Without opening her eyes she whispered in a barely audible tone, "Ask a single question," but I couldn't hear her over the cry of a mighty eagle.

Unperturbed at missing her utterance, I said, "I'm sorry, could you repeat yourself?"  

She took a long breath and repeated slightly louder than before, "Ask a single question."

I thought for long moments and what answer I saught more than any other. The meaning of life... next week's lottery tickets... what is the combination to my gym locker... paper or plastic... finally, I decided and asked, "What is my purpose?"

She smiled, patted my head, then faintly whispered, "That's two."

As I didn't find my purpose atop a summit, please help me find it on the 8th floor of the Visalia Marriott. If I can raise $1000, I'll go Over the Edge, stare into the face of death as if spitting into the wind. I'll laugh maniacally as my sub-human powers kick in, I curse under my breath, perhaps pee myself a little, attempt to bargain with the climbing instructor to let me flee, then attempt to hold a brave facade as I silently weep to myself from my terror and freight of heights. Finally, I'll rappel down to sweet, sweet Earth having found absolution and meaning.

Your donations will go to benefit The Source LGBT+ Resource Center. This is an incredible local non-profit that helps provide a place of community, connection, education, resources, and support.

Get to donating!!!