Howdy folks,

Every experience in life has led you to this singular moment in time. Now is your opportunity to get engaged, to serve, to support, and to help a man who has none of the knowledge, skills, or abilities of Superman, but nonetheless fights for truth, justice, and a comfortable couch.

When it comes to fear, heights is one of my highest. I will face my fear for what I believe in.

My fear of heights stacks above many of my other fears such as: lemurs, cardigans, Tuesdays, the word 'purple', Aurora Borealis, frozen fruit, scratchy pants, chalk boards, venomous spiders, lactose, pleather, meteorites, and the sudden stop at the end of a fall.

So, you can help me face a great fear while also helping to fund a great organization. Every dollar donated goes to help The Source LGBT+ Resource Center.

Get to donating!!!