I'm one of the Co-Founders of The Source and currently the Director of Development and Strategy.  When I was growing up in Visalia, the idea of an LGBT+ center on Main Street would have been absurd.  When I graduated from Golden West in 1995, I went to Stanford University, where eventually I came out.  I lived a "big gay life" in San Francisco, but moved back to Visalia in 2015.  I met Brian Poth, and we bonded over having to move back to our home town as adults.  But Brian had a great idea: to open an LGBT+ center and make the changes we wanted to see.  It's been almost 3 years since we started, and I am grateful for every thing we've been able to do.  The Source is a work of love and a community driven effort; the product of 1000's of people who have a dream to heal this town and make it a place where everyone feels safe and included.

Your donation to me will support services for youth, elders, trans people, and their families.  One of my favorite programs is the Youth Leadership Academy.  I am blessed to work with and mentor the next generation of leaders.  They make me excited and hopeful for the future.  I'm dedicating my rappel to them and to the class.  Donations to my page also roll up to the Youth Leadership Academy page.  

Please visit that page under the "Team Section" of the "Donate To Rappeller" page, or follow the link:https://visaliaovertheedge.com/teams/donateteam.cfm?teamid=14C1F33C-FCB4-D16C-0FE11E726BFB4F0E