On November 10th I'm going Over The Edge for The Source. A couple years ago, Brian Poth and Nick Vargas met with a hand full of people (townie gays - amazing) to discuss the lack of resources for LGBT individuals in the Central Valley. From that meeting, the idea for a community center was born.

Today, The Source offers transgender resources, Twelve Step meetings, an eating disorder support group, and a leadership academy. They offer HIV testing, peer support, and suicide awareness and prevention. The Source provides sensitivity trainings for local educators, medical professionals, law enforcement, and business leaders. Pride Visalia, now the largest community event in Visalia, showed 3000 people what a death drop is. This community, surrounded by orchards, churches, and giant Sequoias, is embracing The Source and I am so proud.

The Source, however, has outgrown it's tiny space. So, I am joining 90 other people who believe in the work being done at the center, asking you to please sponsor me as I throw myself off (ok, rappel from) the roof of the Marriott in hopes of raising enough money to expand the center. As of now, the staff of three do not have office space, there is no seating for lesbians in the lending library, and meetings that are supposed to be anonymous are practically spilling into the hallway.

I aim to raise $1,000 to support the programs and services The Source LGBT+ Center provides for the community. I also aim to do my best Elisabeth Shue impression from Adventures in Babysitting. 

Contribute what you can. I am grateful for any help. Thank you.