Hi. I'm Jacob Wilson, longtime supporter of The Source.  I'm going Over The Edge because I really believe in what The Source is doing for our community in Visalia.

It is fantastic that youth in Visalia and surrounding areas have this resource to know they are not alone, they are normal and loved and supported as a human being. When I was in high school about 10 years ago, I was very, VERY closeted. I was popularly known for theater, magic/illusions and singing. I lived in fear of my sexuality and the ramifications of coming out upon my life, image and family. I was raised up very religious and believed that being gay was incongruent with my faith.

I only wish I would’ve had a resource like The Source to show me what I was going through was normal, that I was loved and that everything was going to be okay.

I’m going Over the Edge for every young adult in the Central Valley who has felt or currently feels similar to how I felt as a teenager. My life has been light years better since I came out. I get to live every day as my authentic self and hopefully that will inspire others to do the same. Take a leap of faith, love yourself, open the closet door and live proud. I’ll definitely be taking a leap of faith for The Source rappelling off the TALLEST building in my hometown! Hahaha! Thank you for your support of such an amazing cause. A special thank you to my family, both birth and chosen, for their love and support.