Event Day Details

Check-in: You must arrive 1 hour before your rappel time. Please register, a volunteer will greet you. 

Clothes: Wear comfortable and "movable" clothes and sneakers. We will be giving you an event T-shirt. You may wear a costume, and our equipment experts will help with any modifications to ensure your safety. If you plan to wear glasses or sunglasses during your rappel, please make sure that you have a croakie/eyewear retainer so you do not lose them during your descent.

Safety: Following check-in, you will be briefed and geared up by our experts from Over the Edge USA, and you will then have the opportunity to train using the equipment. After the training rappel, it will be your turn to go “Over the Edge”. Please be assured that Over the Edge USA has taken every safety precaution there is.

Media/Photos: We expect this event to generate a lot of media exposure so you may see some reporters and cameras. In addition, The Source has secured an event photographer for action photos during the event. You will be given access to your photos as a keepsake.

Guests: You may bring guests to watch. All guests much check-in at the registration table and will be escorted by volunteers to the viewing area.

Parking will be available nearby. DO NOT PARK IN THE CHASE LOT. You will be towed.