Hello ALL, thank you for visiting my profile. Life is nothing if not lived...soooo Haaaayellll yes I am going over the edge!

I heard the call for help and I answered, which is why I am joining this cause because it's about supporting your fellow community members. Whether you are in the LGBT community or not, love, compassion,  (and of course cash or credit in this case) is all any of us look for. Even if you don't understand the lives of others and what people go through you can always help. Ultimately everyone just wants to be heard and know they matter to someone somewhere somehow. I believe The Source offers this to everyone that walks in the door as well as many other services you can check the website for http://thesourcelgbt.org/  Remember together everyone achieves more....Join my  team, make a donation, give yourself a hug,  you are BEAUTIFUL <3