Hello hello! I am Cody Jaques, for those of you that know me thank you for visiting my page and any donation on this fabulous second year Cory and I will be participating in.  For those who don’t know me, I am an out, proud and married to a wonderful man living here in Visalia, CA. I grew up in Exeter and have many times thought of moving out of the valley, but in the recent years The Source LGBT+ Center has really brought our community together and it is so beautiful to see and we are here to stay. This event is something special to us all and promises a better future in which we can all thrive and be a part of. Please donate anything you can, come and help keep the doors of our center open while enjoying me and others boldly rappelling over the edge 8 stories down. Fair warning I am deathly afraid of heights and may scream on the way down.

Thank you,

          Cody Jaques