The Source LGBT+ Center is more than just my job, it's my calling. Being out and gay in a rural conservative community means putting yourself out on the line. So does being an ally. I am rappelling off The Marriott because I believe in our community. I believe that visibility leads to acceptance and improved outcomes for LGBT people. I am rappelling for all those who can't. Those we've lost to suicide, overdose, cancer, and AIDS. 13 years ago I participated in the AIDS Lifecycle. I raised over $5,000 with the help of friends and family. Now I am raising this money to help my organization build the capacity to sustain itself for years to come. Our vision is that this adrenaline filled event will become our signature fundraiser. Help me help those we serve every day. Donate what you can. Share with your friends. Or even better... go over the edge with me for The Source LGBT+ Center.